Refund Policy:

Once orders have been started, there will be no refunds allowed. Refunds are only granted for videos that did not receive views or that are canceled before delivery starts.


Once the video is added, we will not remove the video from the system or offer a refund. We are not responsible for the users content on the video and it is your responsibility to keep the video live on YouTube. If your video is removed for breaking YouTubes Terms of Service, we take no responsibility for the video being removed or for the views you purchased that were lost because of the video being deleted.

Please note and take time to go through the Refund Policy of youtubebuyviews.com applicable to all visitors and customers of this website. Every visitor or customer who has gone through the points of this Refund Policy has read all the terms and conditions and has expressly implied that all its terms have been fully understood and will be abided to without further doubt or clarifications. 

Please read and go through the following Refund Policy carefully-

As a bonafide customer you are entitled to NO refund in the following cases-

1. If youtubebuyviews.com executes and completes the full orders placed by the client

2. If youtubebuyviews.com makes a default in the timely delivery of goods and the client has not placed a refund request 45 days subsequent to order placement. 

As a bonafide customer you are entitled to a TOTAL refund in the following cases-

1. A requisition for refund has been placed five hours after order placement.

2. youtubebuyviews.com makes a default in the delivery of service within 48 hours after order placement.

As a bonafide customer you are entitled to a PARTIAL refund in the following cases-

1. youtubebuyviews.com fails to deliver 100% of the services bought by the customer prior to deadlines posted on www. Buy YouTube Views.com. The partial refund will be provided for those services that have not been delivered. For instance, if you have purchased 200 likes and 200,000 fast YouTube Views and via communication through customer support or the website you were promised a deadline time of five days and Buyyoutubviews.com has provided you with just 50 likes and 100,000 views on your video, you will be entitled to receive 50% only as 50% of the services promised by youtubebuyviews.com has already been delivered to you. 

Please note that youtubebuyviews.com is not responsible or makes no online representation whatsoever for any website that you may access via youtubebuyviews.com or any website that links to youtubebuyviews.com. It is imperative for you as a visitor to youtubebuyviews.com note that when you access any website other than youtubebuyviews.com, it is an independent website not owned or related to us. youtubebuyviews.com will have no control over its content posted on that website. Besides the above you as a visitor to youtubebuyviews.com should note that any link directing you to youtubebuyviews.com does not imply that www. youtubebuyviews.com endorses or accepts responsibility in any form or nature for its content or its use by you the visitor or customer. 

In addition to the above, please note that you as the visitor or a customer to youtubebuyviews.com understand that youtubebuyviews.com reserves no liability even for rare occasion in any form or nature damaged caused to YouTube accounts owned by its customers or client-this covers and includes suspension and ban or suspension or ban. youtubebuyviews.com reserves no right or authority to provide visitors or clients to the website a refund in any form or nature for the occasion.